Guidelines for Contributors

Table of contents

Before you write: What we look for

Length: We look for long-form articles, around the 700 to 800 word range. Longer is OK, but try to keep it less than 1,200 words.

Topics: We generally look for articles that surface problems worth solving in these categories:

  • Civic
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Education
  • Technology/internet
  • Social/economic

However, we’re open to hearing any and all topics as long as there’s a problem to solve.

Distinct message: We’re looking for fresh perspectives on topics our readers care about. To ensure you’re offering an original idea.

Actionable advice: Stories that don’t give readers actionable advice or takeaways likely won’t be selected for publication. To us, advice means usable, numbered tips readers can put to use right away. Tips should be clear enough for a reader to put into action right away. The best tips are often ideas our readers haven’t seen before but offer them a new solution to a common problem.

Trustworthy sources: Be savvy about the sources you cite. Rely on primary sources as much as possible. And remember — Wikipedia crowdsources information from the public and doesn’t always offer the most accurate information. In general, we like to see writers weave in at least a few links to outside websites (not or their own company) where readers can find more information or additional resources on the topics discussed.

Before you submit: Steps to take

Proof your article: If your article is riddled with typos and/or factual errors, it will not be accepted.

Linking to your sources: If you quote someone or cite a statistic, link to your source. This will help readers learn more about a topic and bolster your writing. Additionally, not having these links could slow the publication of your article. Please link to the original source.

Submit original work: Each article you submit to Changemaker Forum must be original. Meaning, articles you didn’t write is not acceptable. Warmed over posts (something you published previously with just a few new tweaks added) are also unacceptable.

Make sure your article isn’t overly self-promotional. Mentions of your company, book or skillset should be used to demonstrate your expertise on a topic. The effect should serve to educate, not advertise. Articles that excessively promote your brand, company or product likely won’t be published. Excessive links to your products or initiatives will likely be deleted. (One or two links are fine. 10 are not.)

For your author profile:

  • Include a short bio
  • Include a headshot

After you submit: What to expect

Once you submit your article, it will be reviewed. If accepted, you will be notified via email and the article will be added to our editorial calendar.

Accepted articles will likely require revisions. Your editor will likely have questions or suggestions. If your piece is sent back to you for rewrites, questions, etc., an editor will put it into check-out mode and send it to you as an email link. Any changes you make (and save — don’t forget that step!) will be viewable on our end, too. Be sure to submit the article again when you are finished and an editor will review.